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PLUMOSA Lounge Chair

Embracing the essence of the cactus, the lounge chair is adorned with cactus arm-inspired elements, introducing a unique and captivating dimension to this collection. The chair stands confidently on four legs, each meticulously carved with intricate details, complemented by horizontal belt ornaments adorning the backrest. With meticulous consideration, a fabric of utmost quality has been carefully chosen, offering a juxtaposition of both durability and softness, creating a harmonious balance. The robustness of the sturdy legs provides unwavering support, while the plush seat and backrest, meticulously designed to conform to body contours, offer a level of comfort that is truly exceptional. The careful fusion of the ese elements results in a chair
that exudes both strength and inviting coziness, a testament to its impeccable design.


Fabric, Wood

790 mm x 660 mm x 640 mm


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