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SR1928 The Awakening Concert Grand Piano at Muaro Jambi Temple, Jambi

The series of concerts, titled "Rapsodia Nusantara & Kejayaan Nusantara", were initiated by the Directorate of Film, Music and New Media from the Indonesian Directorate General of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. The third one was held at Muaro Jambi Temple with the theme of "December in Sriwijaya" on poems by exclusively female poets Helvy  Tiana Rosa, Emi Suy, Phyllis Wheatley and Medy Lukito and broadcasted live on Youtube Channel “Budaya Saya” on December 22nd, 2020.

Sjuman+Renanda SR1928 The Awakening Grand Piano Concert by SANIHARTO Craftsmanship was played by Ananda Sukarlan who was accompanied by guest stars Kevin Trisna (piano), Kayleen Chan (piano), Nikodemus Lukas (tenor), Ari Prajanegara & Althea Bestari (dancer).

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