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Exhibiting @ HD EXPO 2017 - Las Vegas

Saniharto collaborated with Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Atlanta for HD Expo 2017. Inspired by Saniharto’s vast range of finishes and techniques, the vision “Opposites Attract” emerged. Polished against matte, cerused against lacquer or light against dark exemplified the beauty of contrasting finishes and materials.

Both traditional and contemporary styles were celebrated while exposing Saniharto’s infinite capabilities.Upon arrival, guests were welcomed by a hand crafted structure where architectural elements include intricate metal fretwork, wire brushing, and extruded metal and wood shelving. The booth epitomized sophistication and fine craftsmanship as innovative techniques were implemented within each individual piece of furniture. Jerry Pair Leather, Jim Thompson Fabrics, Corn Upholstery, Porta Romana Bespoke Lamps and Scott Gamble Hand-blown Glasses were all featured in the booth.

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