About Us


Motto: Saniharto Together to the Top. 
We aim to be the best with our products and services.

Value: Hi-Speed Lho! 
We work with 10 core values. 

H Holistic - We operate as a whole not just as individual divisions.
I Invincible – We innovate and strive to be ahead of the pack. 

S Smart – We work smartly by being effective and efficient.
P Passionate – We are passionate with producing the best products and giving the best service.
E Energetic – We keep up high level of energy to meet the vigorous demands of the industry.
E Enthusiastic – We are enthusiastic in serving our customers.
D Dynamic – We evolve continuously to keep up with the ever-changing requests of the industry.

L Logical – We solve problems and find solutions logically.
H Hardworking – We work hard to meet the delivery schedule.
O Organized – We are detail-oriented and organized to capture all the customer needs and requests.

Saniharto Team



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