About Us


Saniharto is a wholly integrated company, with complete facilities to processes raw materials into finished products, all within one manufacturing location. The total building area is 750,000 sq ft (70,000 sq m), established on a site of 2,150,000 sq ft (200,000 sq m).

This facility accommodates every stage of the manufacturing process, such as veneer slicing, drying, machining, milling, assembling, finishing, inspection and specialized packaging.

By taking control of each stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material handing to finished product, Saniharto is able to satisfy both the technical demands of manufacture and satisfying each client's exacting expectation. The process is designed to ensure constant, high quality products are manufactured to on time, every time.

The company has also created an in-house metal workshop facility which focuses on stainless steel hardware and other metal accent details, invaluable when working with the highest range of furniture products. Add to this, is our dedicated fabric & leather division, which ensures that Saniharto will continue to provide a complete specialized manufacturing solution in the global furniture market. 

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